King from Kingaroy
Desperate Queensland pineapple father
uses fake pineapples  containing movie
toilet reels recorded  on his real Crappy
            Camera to smuggle his movie to
                                      his Pineapple Princess
                                                   I hope we don't
                                                           get caught
Mrs Noughtfear flew under the radar during the Fitzgerald Enquiry selling Fantasy Introductions to a Touch of Class after the operator of Fantasy Photographics was jailed for providing corrupt police woman fantasies underneath the Story Bridge, and after the Police Commissioner was jailed, and after the male and female Ministers of the Government were jailed. She slipped out of the country as a man with an expired Australian passport but with a valid European passport. She returned three years later as the Police Commissioner was still jailed but the former operator of Fantasy Photographics was operating the Players Inn across the road from Sir Joh Bjelke-Petersen House of the Nartional Party. She worked as a Maxi Taxi driver transporting passengers to and from the Players Inn all night. She rang Sir Joh's wife Lady Flo and told her she was writing the story of Sir Joh and Nineapple Pineapple of the Pineapple Party of Queensland, and Lady Flo got her son John to ring back and he told Mrs Noughtfear what a great man his father was in getting things done.

Joh said he had no idea the corruption was so widespread and that he was an honest man. Lady Flo who passed recently gave her final wish for Sir Joh to be cleared of any wrongdoing as her husband was a man of religion and did not deserve to be accused of taking a $20 Million Dollar bribe from developers to build the tallest building in the world in Brisbane. So Mrs Noughtfear is resurrecting Sir Joh in the movie "Missing Figures" to clear his name once and for all in respect for Lady Flo.

Mrs Noughtfear started her working life as a public servant in the Education Department in the Treasury Building paying Head Teachers around Queensland Schools $5 a dunny can to empty, and the Chairman of the Queensland Public Service Board enjoyed her company inviting her down the Gold Coast for the weekend. Mrs Noughtfear was re-employed by the Government and went onto a career involving the heallth and safey of children and disability services, becoming the bagman like Jack Herbert continuing the Queensland Joke.

Mrs Noughtfear declined an invitation to join SQWISI, Self-health for Queensland Workers in the Sin Industry on the basis that she was a receptionist at A Touch of Class. The Police asked her if she was Mister Big when they visited A Touch of Class but she declined to comment. Mrs Noughtfear was a cousin of a cousin of the Queensland Police Minister Russ Hinze, who found no evidence of illegal activities as he toured The Valley with journalists.

Mrs Noughtfear was not mentioned in the ABC Four Corners Program "The Moonlight State" yet she continued operating as all the numbers went missing from the Yellow Pages. Mrs Noughtfear ran the hottest number in the State of Queensland receiving calls from the doctor, the pediatrician, the solicitor and personally provided therapy for the priest in the convent.

While Mrs Noughtfear was overseas she was captured by the army and put to work 7 days a week for 28 days without pay before she went AWOL with help from Church escaping from the sargent.

Upon her return to Australia she called into the Police Station to report a murder but they said it was out of their jurisdiction and questioned her about unpaid parking fines comitted by the King of Queensland. Mrs Noughtfear went on to report shiploads of money in the wheely bin to the Police and they said good luck with her reports about missing money.

Mrs Noughtfear was from the same congregation as the operator of Fantasy Photographics, and the Spokesman for the Queensland Police Media. Mrs Noughtfear, the Number Nun and creator of Nineapple Pineapple and the Mental Family of Queensland had a colourful past but maintained a clean record as they fell from grace around her.

Mrs Noughtfear's brother, a Sunday School Teacher was among the VIP guests at the State Funeral of Sir Joh.                         
The Minister of Police  was also the Minister for Racing and Gaming and  Everything but he died

Joh and Flo  had to sell everything to pay all the lawyers  but  they  went  on to  selling  pumpkin scones at their Bethany home and taking in bus loads of tourists to pay the bills.

Police counselled  Mrs Noughtfear advising her not to go to jail and  let  her off  with all her sins

Beware of Mrs Noughtfear the Number Nun. She is well connected with her creator and still talks to Sir Joh  and is  planning on  resurrecting him
and performing an exorcism on Madam X essex
Australia ABN 76 330 295 902   .   .Tel: 0421 714639
Extraordinary Entertainment and Education, combined with charitable fundraising for good causes and providing self employment opportunities  for anyone who dares to hop on the bandwagon and join The Fair Dinkum Circus.

Mrs Noughtfear, Nineapple Pinestine  and their eight children  who keep them apart,  Smelly the Smelephant from the Queensland Space Station and Doctor Gobbledygoo and MissLed with their Impossible Arithmetic for anyone
missing anyone, including Missing Children. The Fair Dinkum Circus  supports the  Daniel Morcombe Foundation.

Open anytime by appointment for  arithmotherapy,  irisology, humerology, hocus pocus  prediction, mindreading,
taro tasting, lostrology or making sense of gobbledygoo  and empowering the disempowered in the smelly movie.

The Fair Dinkum Circus is a reel circus run by clowns in  Queensland after the  Fitzgerald Enquiry closed the real Queensland Circus down and the Disabled Circus jumped on the bandwagon along with the Reel Circus.
     Tony Abbott has vowed
to solve the MH370 Malaysian      Plane riddle  Madam  Speaker
so we'll have to come on board     Madam Speaker or we'll have              egg on our faces
Doctor Hoo? Doctor Loo Gobbbledygoo Royal Midwife Making Arithmetic Great Again
In Gobbledygoo Arithmetic, you would first find the Missng Girl MG1089, then divide by 3 to find the  Missing Boy  MB363,  then add 7 to find the Missing  Helicopter  MH370, and there you have it the Missing Helicopter, MH370.

Wasn't MH370 a plane?

A helicopter  is a plane  you numbat,  now keep looking till we find the Missing Plane.
From the story "Nineapple Pineapple and the Bad Threes"
comes  the  reel movie  in  the  making  "Missing Figures"
  he said ship
like friendship
to make the movie
about the Miss Adventures of Nineapple Pineapple the jealously guarded logo of Channel  Nine  in Brisbane  Queensland
and about  Two  Human  Computers  Shakuntala  Devi  and  Albert Einstein and about The Missing  Boy and The Missing Girl and The Missing Plane
    Mr President, those clowns
down under are sending another            shipload of people to America
    Ship loads of ship people from
ship countries around the world will destroy America,  and I will never be  great again if I take them.  I will fight them on the beaches  and I will fight                    them off the walls...
Fair Dinkum Australia
is my domain
Fair   Dinkum?
Fair Dingo?
Because  I admit  I am  a real fake psychic
everyone believes I am a real true psychic
I am your sunshine, your only sunshine.
I make you happy when skies are grey.
He is my sunshine, my only sunshine. He makes me happy       when skies are grey.
I said ship holes holes
for ships up ship
creek  in   ship
hole countries
like Australia
with  Mrs Noughtfear  mother of Australia's  most  psychic  baby
Bob Coin Kingaroy Queensland
Ernie Dingo took my baby
A dingo  took my baby fair dinkum
Bob Coin
Australia's most inaccurate psychic baby
Quensland fruit dumped
coming soon:
Mrs Noughtfear the Number Nun to resurrect Sir Joh to take on the Golden Circle Cannery
  Stolen Generation "Rabbit Proof Fence"
"Nineapple Pineapple     and The Bad Threes"
It's another batch of  Smelly Movies recorded on toilet reels with
Crappy Cameras downunder addressed to Pear Tree Mead again

in pineapple shells  rejected by  the Golden Circle Cannery after
The Big Pineapple  plantation was  closed down  in Queensland
How to find The Little One who is missing in Queensland
not apple!
I want you to make the pineapple grape again!
That's it! "Witnesses of God"
Mrs Noughtfear's  Crappy  Camera
records Smelly Movies on 100mm
toilet reels
Welcome to The Circus
      Fair Dinkum Australia
I think I can
do Gobbledygoo
Mental Arithmetic
backwards quickly                         
Jesus was born on  New Year's Day  long ago  and far away  on the first day of the first month of the first year of
the Lord. Australia Day and Jesus birthday to be moved to New Year's Day. But we'll miss out on two Holy Days.

                                                        She'll be right mate, we'll get triple double pay and a half.
a reel movie in the making
fairdinkumaustralia.com    fairdinkumdollar.com   fairdinkumcircus.com
"Nineapple Pineapple       and The Bad Threes"
The Little One is missing in Queensland                       and is nowhere to be found
The movie in the making
MH 370
17 Dec 1967
Australia Day            26 Jan 1966  where are they?
The Fair Dinkum Circus